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Video Call Etiquette Rules

With most of the world in lockdown, we are using video calling technology more than ever before, therefore, the time has come to create rules to ensure we are still upholding the same values we would if the guests, friends and colleagues were in our home. Here are my top 10 Video Etiquette rules. The video that accompanies these rules are part of my online youtube series - "QuarantinEtiquette with The Royal Butler and The Royal Dachshunds.

Rule 1 - Backgrounds

Ensure your background is suitable. For example, leave nothing in eye view you would not want anyone to see such as undergarments or worse still your partner still in theirs!

Rule 2 - Angles

Check the camera angle is positioned as you would like to be seen. There is nothing worse than having to talk with someone’s cleavage, rather than their face!

Rule 3 - Dress Codes

Dress appropriately as you would if the friends or colleagues were actually with you in your home. You wouldn’t wear your pyjamas to work, so don’t wear them when conversing your boss.

Rule 4 - Large Gatherings

Make sure the other viewer is aware of any extra guests joining. As much as you may wish to have a social gatherings, others may prefer their home not being seen by all and sundry!

Rule 5 - Timings

Check timings are convenient - You may decide the time is right for you but your friends may disagree, especially if they live in another country. They may not enjoy a midnight catch up!

Rule 6 - Language

Mind it! - Always check the audience around your chats. Your recipient may not thank you for teaching their child a dirty word!

Rule 7 - Mind Your Manners

Just because you are on a call via a video link, still behave as you would in their company. It is not an excuse to forget your manners or your P’s and Q’s.

Rule 8 - Food and Drink

You may all decide to have a drink together or some food but let’s still use the best crystal, or the silverware and of course our napkins.

Rule 9 - Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

As with any visit we should never overstay longer that you should. Fortunately, a sudden power cut may take place, but it is best if you all agree on the length of the conversation beforehand.

Rule 10 - Ensure The Camera Is Off At The End!

The other participants may not wish to get an extra show after the video session over, therefore, ensure the camera is fully off in order not to give anyone heart failure.

Please visit our "Video Calling Etiquette Rules at -

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