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Travel Etiquette

Travel Etiquette – for your Scottish-cation

While travelling in my homeland of Scotland I decided to put together my top 10 rules for travel etiquette which I like to call a Scottish-cation. Follow these rules and you will never go wrong.

1. Planning ahead

When planning your holiday, make sure you have investigated the area, so you know the local activities, the places to dine and if the pets are traveling with you, the dog friendly venues. As inspector Clouseau would say, “there is no harm doing a little investigating, what harm could it cause”, and you will be thankful of it when you are there as the planning will all be done.

2. Pack Correctly

Ensure you take only what you require and consider the local climate, as you do not want to go when hot with sweaters, scarfs and the winter woolly gloves your great aunty Mary gave you for Christmas, but likewise we don’t want to turn up somewhere in Speedos and flipflops when the is temperature if minus 5 degrees.

3. Dress Correctly when traveling

There is nothing more unsightly than a fellow passenger traveling as if they are about to get into a spa or hot tub so please make sure we dress in the correct attire when traveling and nothing to revealing especially on aircrafts, trains etc. After all, this is a holiday and not a new profile pic for tinder or similar dating platforms.

4. No reclining seats or hogging middle arm rests

When on aircraft, we do not recline the seat unless the journey is for more than three hours and a sleep may be required. It is always an idea to check if the guest behind minds if you recline before you do this. On a separate note, the middle chair gets both armrests as they don’t have the luxury of the isle or window seat.

5. Going Dutch if traveling with others

When traveling with a group of fellow guests, it is important that there is a healthy balance of everyone helping, putting money in and keeping the peace with each other, in a way a bit like the united nations as what we don’t want is a Vacation-exit when it can all go wrong, therefore, when it comes to bills and paying for things we should all put in equal amounts of money in order for things to remain fair and calm!

6. Staying as guest after three days take host for meal

When staying with friends for more than three days, you are obliged to take them out for a meal, either lunch or dinner, but you can offer them to decide which they would prefer, also ensure they can have a drink,(If they enjoy an alcoholic beverage) so they are not having to drive perhaps look at booking a taxi as well. Also ensure you assist them during your stay for they do not become your personal staff!

7. Learn the etiquette and protocols - no looking under kilts

It is important to understand the rules of etiquette, protocols and traditions of where you are visiting for you do not offend the locals. For example when visiting Scotland you do not look up a Scotsman’s kilt or ask him what he wears underneath as this would be considered bad taste and inappropriate and you may discover the wrath of an angry Scotsman, however you may compliment as Scotsman when wearing a kilt!

8. Learn a little of the language and currency

When in Rome as they say is the perfect way to be when in another country, therefore, learn a little of the language, please, thank you, the basics really, these days most mobile devices can help us with this but don’t hold the device in someone’s face as it does a translation, as you are not trying to interview them! Make a little effort and understand a little of the local language and of course currency especially when it comes to tipping!

9. Pets holiday rules

When traveling with our pets ensure they are allowed into the venue where you are staying and if they can visit the local attractions with you. For example, some beaches in Scotland only allow your dogs on them in certain months, and you do not want to have to be told off, therefore, do a little research ahead of the visit so the pets can have an equality nice time away and can make sure they also pack their beachwear.

10. Thank you, letters

As with all things a thank you letter is always appreciated, therefore after a visit it is a good idea to write a thank you letter to your hosts or venue host’s, so they know how much you enjoyed the visit. If you have any negative feedback, make sure you discuss this when them during the stay so they can correct this for you. Do not leave a letter in one hand thanking them then on the other hand telling them off as this can be confusing for all.

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