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School of Etiquette & Butlers 

Etiquette School


The Royal School of Etiquette 

The Royal School of Etiquette opened its doors 8 years ago in 2015. Grant now travels the globe teaching his etiquette classes as far as Australia. In 2011, Grant held his first etiquette/butler class in a room in a hotel in his local town. Within two years, he established The Royal School of Butlers with HRH Princess Katarina as the patron.

HRH Princess Katarina and Grant, both passionate about etiquette, established the Royal School of Etiquette, with classes running at:

Blenheim Palace, The Ritz Hotel, Ten Trinty Square Club in London and Thornbury Castle near Bristol.

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The Royal School of Etiquette


Established 2014



Grant now offers his wealth of experience in etiquette

classes to clients across the globe. The School also

provides the talented services of Her Royal Highness

Princess Katarina, joining us for luxury events. Our talks, courses and demonstrations range from Royal Afternoon Tea Etiquette, the skills required to be the perfect host and hostess and, of course, not forgetting our unique etiquette dinner parties.

These are all held at:​

  • Blenheim Palace near Oxford

  • Thornbury Castle near Bristol

  • The Ritz Hotel

  • The Millennium Hotel in London

  • Broomhall House

  • Borthwick Castle near Edinburgh

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For our full list of talks, classes and

workshops please email:

Download Classes, Courses, Talks &

Experiences Brochure

"Grant is a charming and gifted teacher! I had the privilege of taking two of his new online courses, “Afternoon Tea

Etiquette and Dining Etiquette.” Grant virtually invites you

into his home and instantly makes you feel welcomed and at

ease. Both courses were very enjoyable, informative and

thorough, he makes learning etiquette fun!"



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The Royal School of Butlers

Established 2014

Patron HRH Princess Katarina


Butler School

Grant began offering Butler courses in 2014, based on

his background at Woburn Abbey and in the British

royal family's various Royal homes and Palaces of the

British Royal family.

In 2014, Grant partnered

with world-renowned

Blenheim Palace, Home

of The Duke of

Marlborough, to offer

students the chance to

train as a qualified butler

for corporate, domestic

or commercial


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Butler School


The Royal School of Butlers

Courses & Venues

Throughout the year, we run our butler courses at

our truly unique venues, which include:

  • Blenheim Palace

  • Thornbury Castle

  • Borthwick Castle

"It was a genuine pleasure to spend time this morning

learning about teatime in your tea room with all of

the beautiful serving ware - such a charming and

personal touch. I know I could have conversed with

you for hours!"



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