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E-Cigarette Etiquette

When you mention the word vapour or vaping, you may be forgiven for thinking we are referring to some exotic snake or reptile. This is not the case! It is of course a way to describe these modern devices which many people are using as a replacement to cigarettes.

To be precise they are called e-cigarettes and again, don’t think this is some kind of email you send, print off and smoke. The electronic cigarettes are electronic devices that try to re-create the feeling of tobacco smoking. This device works by heating a liquid to create an aerosol more commonly known as vapour, hence why it’s often referred to as vaping.

This of course is splendid news to hear that a loved one has given up the dreaded habit of smoking, but at the same time now rely on this device to help people kick the habit! What you need to remember is we should treat these devices in the same manner as the cigarette. They do indeed give off fumes, but we don’t know what is in these products, so we need to be even more thoughtful when using them around others as we are seeing them more and more as a replacement to cigarettes. If you must partake in this habit, I suggest following the tips below.

Now, as there are no rules to govern this modern-day cigarette, I have created the top 10 rules we must remember when “vaping”:

1. When in public, vaping should be done in open spaces and never in an enclosed area unless it has been designated for vaping.

2. Never use an e-cigarette around someone else’s children in the same way you would with a normal cigarette.

3. When in someone’s home, always ask permission before using your e-cigarette, and even then, perhaps suggest you smoke it outside in order not to upset anyone.

4. Never offer to share your e-cigarette, as this is not the done thing and we should never share anything once it has been in someone else’s mouth as we are not a sparrow feeding our young!

5. Never leave an e-cigarette where young children can get hold of it. When not using them make sure they are kept in a secure place well off the ground.

6. When vaping make sure you never blow the smoke into someone else’s direction, and you make sure you direct it away from others as we never blow into someone’s space.

7. When invited out for a meal, never use an e-cigarette at the table. Follow the other smokers to the designated area which is a good distance away from all other guests in the restaurant.

8. The same as with cigarettes, when you have finished vaping wash your hands. They may not leave the same marks, but it is a good idea to wash your hands when you have finished.

9. When on public transport, the e-cigarette stays firmly out of sight and is not used until you have left the mode of transport you are using and only when in a well ventilated area.

10. When in someone’s car, always ask permission if you wish to use the e-cigarette, however, they may ask you to wait until they stop. If they do allow you to use the device, then make sure you open your window and blow the smoke out of the car. It may make others believe they are following the flying Scotsman, but as I always say, better out that in!

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Yumi Vega
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