Grant Harrold The Royal Butler


Grant Harrold The Royal Butler is regarded as a leading UK Etiquette Expert,

Royal Commentator, British Entertainer, and Broadcaster. Grant also works

with and advises Royals and their households across the globe. Previously,

Grant was a member of the Royal household of The Prince of Wales and

The Duchess of Cornwall. Based at Highgrove House in The Cotswolds, his

duties included butlering for The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall,

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and The Duke of Sussex. 


Prior to the Royal Household, Grant was the Butler to The Duke and Duchess 

of Bedford at Woburn Abbey. Whilst working at the Abbey with the Dukes 

parents,he Marquess and Marchioness of Tavistock, the fresh-faced young

Grant appeared as the butler in the BBC 2 TV series 'Country House', for two



Grant has worked alongside many other Royals, VIPs and Celebrities

over the past 23 years. Many of whom are now his clients. Grant is 

an ambassador for the British Dyslexia Association and a Patron of Pets

in Spain.


Grant's character 'The Royal Butler' has  been described in the media as '

Defender of Etiquette' and 'Britain's Official Etiquette Expert'. For the

last 8 years, Grant has personally been learning and developing his

passion for etiquette, which he shares on his courses at The Royal School

of Etiquette and The Royal School of Butlers. 


HRH Princess Katarina, cousin of Prince William and Henry, is the patron of the school and for whom Grant acts as a personal aide. Grant has been classed as 'one of Europe's top Gurus', due to teaching the British way to behave correctly across the globe with Princess Katarina. Grant has featured on many TV series for over 19 years as well as appearing regularly as a commentator, broadcaster, presenter and performer for television, radio and online as 'The Royal Butler'.


His creation and persona, 'The Royal Butler', has been called upon for several years in the media and online to ensure Britain maintains its title as the home of Etiquette. Some examples are tea lessons for the “Real Housewives of Cheshire” to teaching “Miss Holland” how to be Royal for BBC Three’s “The Miss Holland Show”.  


Today Grant is now a trainer of butlers and housekeepers in the UK and worldwide. Grant regularly features on television, radio, and press in the UK and overseas.  To view his full biography please click here - Full Resume 

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Brands and Partners Grant Harrold The Royal Butler works with. 


Madame Tussauds

Holland and America - Seabourn



In 2018 Madame Tussauds enlisted the expertise of The Royal Butler, as they invited you to take a seat alongside ‘Her Majesty the Queen’ in our new immersive dining experience, Royal Tea.

The latest addition to Madame Tussauds London,


This partnership is now to continue into 2020 as Madame Tussauds and The Royal Butler have teamed up to launch Royal Experiences. 


In 2018 Grant joined the Seabourn as one of their newest celebrity conversationalists. Grants range of discussions also sees him run mini etiquette classes for the guests onboard.


In 2019, Grant formed a partnership with Seabourn which saw him offering his unique training courses in social and verbal etiquette to the staff as part of their training in the Seabourn Academy. 

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