Grant Harrold The Royal Butler 


HRH Princess Katarina 

"Grant Harrold is a wonderful Ambassador for the Royal Family. He has not only worked for them, but lived with them for many years. 

His dedication and loyalty cannot be questioned, as I have personally witnessed at first hand.''

HRH Princess Katarina 


Etiquette Courses 

We are the leading Etiquette School based in Britain teaching Etiquette Classes at a Royal level and have done so for over 10 years. Our Etiquette courses, classes and workshops are offered throughout the world.

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Butler Courses  

Our British Butler School has become one the most recognisable Butler Schools throughout the world. Based at Blenheim Palace, Thornbury Castle and Borthwick Castle, we train the next generation of Butlers to the Royal standard.

Social Media Channels

Join The Royal Butler on social media for his advice and guidance from dining etiquette to the correct way to enjoy afternoon tea. Follow him via Instagram - The Royal Butler / Tik Tok - The_Royal_Butler or YouTube - The Royal Butler and of course Twitter - The Royal Butler 

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Hospitality Courses 

Our Hospitality Courses run alongside our British Butler School. Our clients include world-famous hotel brands, resorts, and even Englands' only Tudor Castle Hotel, Thornbury Castle. Thornbury Castle is where we run our butler and hospitality courses which are 5-star level and cover etiquette and deportment for all. To find out more about our hospitality course, please contact us below 


The Royal Butler

Grant Harrold The Royal Butler is regarded as a leading UK Etiquette Expert. Grant is also a Royal Commentator, British Entertainer, and Broadcaster. Previously, Grant was a member of the Royal household of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall.

In 2011 Grant created his fun persona - "The Royal Butler" who made his first appearance on social media platforms offering advice and guidance as the world's very own personal butler.

Grant Harrold The Royal Butler

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