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Hi,my name is Mayyee Losa , family name is Lam. I am brith in Hong Kong, immigrate to Taiwan many years. I am a student of United Nations volunteers. I had begun of 1997 to now.

My studio website

I work as a volunteer. I can become a volunteer of the United Nations, a volunteer of the British Royal Family and an honor of fans, which is the result of my many years of international volunteer work. I once saved an African village. It also helps Hong Kong people to achieve success in their efforts to fight for the equal rights of BNO. These critical tasks. Make me get the approval of others. I am also grateful that I have this opportunity to do things that no one else can do. Thank you for the opportunity given by the United Nations. Thank you also to the Royal Family and the British Government.

I had one studio selling my jewellery. I had one normal job in week day. Selling jewellery is my part time job. This picture is my boyfriend and me in New Zealand airport.

Mayyee Losa LAM

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