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"Grant has a natural ability to engage audiences and draw upon brand messages authentically. His personality and passion have you hooked from the word go you're longing to learn more."
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Over the past seven years, Grant or his creation The Royal Butler, has worked with several large brands including Madame Tussauds, The Co-op, World Remit, Penhaligans, Stayz and House of Frazer, to name a few. Grant prides himself upon his ability to promote a brand in a unique way due to his background and experience. 


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Grant Harrold and The Royal Butler often feature on television, radio, newspaper interviews and national campaigns. Grant has been entertaining us on our television screens for over 19 years. As well as featuring in various TV Series including Country House, Can't Get the Staff and Channel 5's Inside series. Grant regularly appears on Sky News, BBC News, Good Morning Britain and Talk Radio. Grant is available for interviews, Television Appearances, Documentaries and various TV Series. 


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Grant also offers his services as an etiquette and protocol expert on current topical British etiquette issues and all Royal subjects. 

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Grant's online channel below shows you how to do all things the "British Way". Please subscribe to the channel to receive updates about the latest videos as they are added. 


The free online course "The Royal Butler's Guide" also means you have your very own Royal Butler advising you on every step of your life. 


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