The Royal Butler

The Royal Butler, defender of etiquette and master of manners is the creation of Grant Harrold The Royal Butler.

In 2011 The Royal Butler made his first appearance on social media platforms offering advice and guidance as the world's very own personal butler.


The Royal Butler has worked for Royals, Dignitaries and Celebrities over many decades and draws on this experience to offer a first-class service.

His online presence now has a monthly audience of 5 million interactions and his fan base is a range of people from all walks of life.

The Royal Butler is now regarded as Britain's official etiquette expert and has made himself a household name through television appearances from teaching the Dolan Twins how to behave as Gentlemen for the MTV Music Awards, Miss Holland how to be a Princess for BBC 3, to demonstrating how Jerry Springer could be a King for BBC's The Saturday Show.


Most recently he gave a tea class for Singer Kelly Clarkson on the Kelly Clarkson show and is now the in house butler for the British Forces Broadcasting Station, where he appears with singer Jay James and Amy Casey as he teaches them to be a lady and a gentleman. 

The Royal Butler can be found on his own YouTube Series, which you can view in this video.

The Royal Butler also performs shows across the globe on his humorous and fun take on Royal Etiquette which has proven to be very popular. To book The Royal Butler, please email -


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